RCOEM Alumni Association announces Alumni Student Mentorship Program – IGNITE which will be commencing from the Session 2016-17. The aim of IGNITE, is to address the career oriented doubts of the current students in RCOEM by involving our esteemed alumni in this process through the means of mentorship.

Some of our primary goals are enhancing alumni network within the institution and betterment of student interaction with the veteran alumni.

The program primarily focuses on

  • Providing students a platform for one to one interaction with their esteemed alumni.
  • Rendering students with career guidance.
  • Tailoring them for their future endeavors.
  • Catering to the betterment of alumni-student relationships by engaging them in fruitful conversation.

As a mentor you can:

  • Stay connected with the institute.
  • Help students in reaching their professional goals.
  • Develop long lasting relationships enhancing your professional network.


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